lundi 30 juin 2014


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CARBON CREAM "Les Campagnes Qui Restent Païennes" (47:36 mix)

1-  THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER "A Children's Tale"

2-  HYBRYDS & WEYDAS "Untitled"

3-  F. FRESH "Aw C'mon"

4-  THURSTON MOORE "Root"  STEREOLAB (008) version

5-  DIE LUST ! "Trasformazione"

6-  JOAKIM "On The Beach" JOAKIM's Cray76 Remix

7-  THE SOFT PINK TRUTH "Ready to Fuck"

8-  RIEN "Masterkraft"

9-  SYRINX "Ibistix"

10- HOLDEN "The Caterpillar's Intervention"

11- MAX ROACH "Garvey's Ghost" CARBON CREAM recut version

12- DEATH "Politicians In My Eyes"

13- I IM EYE MY "Gotta Make The Hay When The Sun Shines"


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